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Cotton Linen

Handwoven quality textiles for your home. Thoughtfully designed & ethically woven.

All of our linen products uses locally grown cotton, spun here in South Africa, they are then hand woven in the beautiful province of Cape Town. Each items is meticulous checked as we pride ourselves on our finished products. Each item is then pre-shrunk with a hot wash and tumble-dry, and ironed. They are great for adding some texture to any space.

cotton baby blanket
cotton cushion cover

Wall Decor

One of the best ways to boost a home’s style factor is with a statement piece of art.

Regardless of whether you’re partial to black and white photographs or colourful paintings, showcasing artwork never fails to create interest in your home or office space. 

We share a host of artists’ work to give your wall art collection the attention it deserves.

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Vases, Lanterns & Candle holders

Creating a stylish and inviting home is such an exciting process!

You will enjoy creating the right balance of form, function and colour with these beautiful curated decor pieces. Regardless of your style, the big picture and the small details are equally important. 




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